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Sewickley Homes and Real Estate Information for Greater Pittsburgh

Located in Allegheny County, Sewickley is located just 12 miles northwest from Pittsburgh.  This well-to-do and affluent suburb of Pittsburgh has so much to offer its residents.  Among these items are the schools, the location, beautiful homes and neighborhoods, local health care system, and a quaint downtown area. 

Sewickley is bordered by the other boroughs of Glen Osborne, Edgeworth, Sewickley Heights, and Aleppo Township.  Moon Township and Coraopolis are located across the Ohio River from Sewickley.

Quick Facts on Sewickley, PA

  • Sewickley is a borough in Allegheny County
  • The population of Sewickley was just above 3,800 at the time of the 2010 Census
  • Sewickley is a Native American term meaning "sweet water"
  • The Sewickley Bridge crosses over the Ohio River at Sewickley
  • The Sewickley Valley Hospital is located in Sewickley
  • Sewickley's Business District includes 140 businesses and 14 restaurants/dining establishments

Education, Recreation, and Culture in Sewickley

Sewickley is located in the Quaker Valley School District.  Quaker Valley was ranked as the 8th Regional Public School District out of 100+ in western Pennsylvania for 2012 and 2013.  Quaker Valley High School was also ranked in the top 2% of all school districts nationwide by the U.S News & World Report in 2006.

In addition to public schools, Sewickley has a number of private schools such as the Sewickley Academy, Montessori Children's Community, Eden Christian Academy, and St. James Catholic School.

The Sewickley Valley YMCA and the Quaker Valley Recreation Association offer the residents of Sewickley some excellent Recreational and Sports Facilities. 

Sewickley is home to the Sweetwater Center for the Arts which offers art classes, community events, outreach programs, and more.  Also located in Sewickley on Thorn Street is the Sewickley Public Library.

Buying and Selling a Sewickley Home

Buying a Home in Sewickley:

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Selling a Home in Sewickley:

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